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Pandora ft.Bloom 06 - Kitchy Kitchy
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Сategory: Gabry Ponte | Views: 495 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30


Gabry Ponte - Depends On You [Album Mix]
Gabry Ponte - Depends On You [Ultimate Dance RMX]
Gabry Ponte - Depends On You [Punk Dish Remix Fm Cut]
Gabry Ponte - Depends On You [Ultimate Dance Rmx Fm Cut]
Gabry Ponte - Depends On You [Punk Dish Remix]
Сategory: Gabry Ponte | Views: 486 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30


Gabry Ponte - La Danza Delle Streghe [Corto]
Gabry Ponte - La Danza Delle Streghe [Lungo]
Gabry Ponte - La Danza Delle Streghe [Roby Molinaro RMX]
Сategory: Gabry Ponte | Views: 468 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Сategory: Gabry Ponte | Views: 423 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Gabry Ponte has shown his talent with Eiffel 65, but now he's taken it a step further with his own solo work. This album is absolutely wonderful, and features a wide array of song styles from dance, trance, and even some darker songs. But they are all awesome and any Eiffel 65 fans will enjoy. As for the songs:

1. 'Man in the Moon'--This song is beautiful, and Jeffrey Jey's vocals are stunning. It's a very deep track with poetic lyrics and a mellow sound, and has an Eiffel 65 feel to it.
2. 'Geordie'--The Italian version of 'The Story of Geordie'. Awesome song all around with an extremely catchy sound to it. It's sure to get people up and dancing.
3. 'Got to Get'--Not my favorite song on the album, but is still very cool. It's very energetic and fun to listen to, and seems quite fitting for a dance club.
4. 'Sharm Cafe'--This song is unique and has a distinctly Italian sound to it. It's a little less intense than 'Got to Get', but is still lively, energetic, and fun to listen to.
5. 'Time to Rock'--A great dance track and one that Gabry has become known for. It's a pure dance song and I never get tired of listening to it.
6. 'Always on My Mind'--I'm not crazy about this song, but it does have a more melancholy sound to it. The lyrics and vocals are lovely, but otherwise it's not one of my favorites.
7. 'Waterfall'--This is a beautiful and deep trance song, and shows that Gabry can extend his talents to different areas of dance music.
8. 'De Musica Tonante'--A unique and interesting sounding dance track. It's very cool, and almost reminds me of video game music. Still, it's great to dance to.
9. 'My Butterfly'--I love this song. It has a creepy, almost dark feel to it, and the vocals are haunting. It changes from very intense in the beginning and then mellows out during the verses. Gabry touched a darker side of dance music with this song, and it is well done.
10. 'Le Voyage'--I would consider this a trance song because of the very deep, mesmerizing sound to it. The lyrics are in French and a little bit of English, which is very different for an Italian artist like Gabry. That doesn't take away from the beauty of this song, though, and it's very poetic.
11. 'Memories'--This song reminds me strongly of Eiffel 65's music, and is a wonderful track. It is somewhat nostalgic and very catchy. The vocals fit perfectly with the melody and the lyrics are once again poetic and well-written.
12. 'Midnight'--This is a dark, almost industrial-sounding song. Gabry writes some darker stuff, and this is a great example. It is deep and slower than some of the other tracks, but has a delightfully creepy sound to it.
13. 'Terra Libera'--I think this may be the most melancholy track on the album. The words are extremely poetic and thought-provoking, and the message of the pain caused by war is clear. Overall, it's a wonderful song.
14. 'The Story of Geordie'--This is my personal favorite on the whole album. It's a great dance track, and the lyrics are very interesting. It was adapted from the traditional Scottish song about a man who is going to be hung by a golden chain, and I think it is masterfully done. I could listen to it over and over again without tiring of it.

Сategory: Gabry Ponte | Views: 562 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30


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