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    Bloom 06 & Wender
    GabiDate: Thursday, 2009-04-23, 8:31 PM | Message # 1
    Eiffel 65
    Group: Site Admin
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    Remember the radio dj who remixed WTTZ? Looks like there's gonna be another collaboration.
    Sb's posted his blog on the official Forum. Here's what it says:

    Posted by Wender105
    [09/04/2009 18:02]

    All those who know me noticed that I wasn't online tonight. I was in Bloom 06 studio.
    A very joyful night, but most of all a very musical one. I've never seen so much stuff in one place. Keyboards ecc.
    I had to travel from Milan to Turin, it was a nice trip I'd say, there was nobody in the highway, only me and the moon that was watching me. Thinking about it makes me wonder 'HOW?' incredible, right?
    You know that I'll tell you almost everything. I went there to create a summer single, a single that rocks! Will it work?
    Who knows... by the way I have to thank Maury's brother who made this cool photo tonight. I look very serious, but I can recognize myself.
    Today's projects? Radio on air, many telephone jokes, preparing next 'Gino lo spazzino' and in the evening 'Samples' montage, ha ha ha evening, yes yes, I wanted to say tonight.
    Now I'm going to prepare my scenes for today. Bye and have a nice day!

    And some days later...

    Posted by Wender105
    [17/04/2009 19:08]

    This evening Pippo and I are going to lock up in Bloom 06's kingdom in order to ... finish the album of 'Gino lo spazzino'

    Either there's gonna be a summer single made with Wender and their partecipation on GLS album, OR they are 'lending' their studio, so a summer single only. Anyone's as confused as I am? I'm hoping for some official news soon...

    bapjapDate: Thursday, 2009-04-23, 11:20 PM | Message # 2
    Group: V.I.P.
    Messages: 148
    Reputation: 2
    oh man, summer single from Bloom 06? can't wait
    DogboyShugoDate: Friday, 2009-04-24, 6:05 PM | Message # 3
    Group: V.I.P.
    Messages: 137
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    Sounds interesting either way

    ~~lost in my own paradox~~
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