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    City 06 Community » Eiffel 65 (English Section) » Eiffel 65 » About Eiffel 65 (All you need to know about Eiffel 65 and Bloom 06 till now!)
    About Eiffel 65
    FATEHDate: Thursday, 2010-06-17, 7:27 PM | Message # 1
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    Please excuse us for the great silence regarding this matter but we are certain that you will comprehend as you read this breaking news.


    Yes Eiffel 65 is back!

    We are currently working on a new Eiffel 65 album with the complete line up and side by side with Bliss Corporation!
    It’s quite obvious that what has just been announced is subject to many interpretations, criticisms and enthusiasms…
    ..and it is exciting in any case.
    How does the come back become a reality?
    Although we left this adventure a few years ago for new artistic directions in the past years we have often worked with Bliss Co regarding various requests concerning Eiffel 65.
    This is quite normal when you’ve produced one of the most important hits with an echo that continues to create business opportunities like remixes, TV e movie soundtracks, video games etc etc…
    The cream of the cake was the interest of different American rap and R&B artists…one out of all Flo Rida that asked to include the Blue chorus into his single “Sugar” that launched the worldwide hit Album where it was included.
    If you put this together with the fact that a great amount of dance sounds from the 90’s are in the new vibe of many pop mainstream productions that are hitting the charts worldwide it’s easy to justify the great amount of requests for “The return of Eiffel 65”, band considered by many as one of the most representative regarding that sound.

    We must be honest in saying that it’s not the first time we’ve been asked to reunite and the reasons that brought us to delay an eventual come back were the same that led us to stop the project back then.
    Things are extremely different today: we all have our own artistic independence and projects on the way that ride parallel to this decision.
    Time has generated fresh interest for a new Eiffel 65 production and this regards the fans, the music business, the tour promoters that are willing to book shows….but most of all it regards us!
    We see things in a different way and we have reborn enthusiasm towards the project.
    As mentioned by some one that cares a lot about the project:
    “We are all trains made of many wagons and there’s a Ferrari parked in one of these that lots of people would love to see racing on the roads of the world again”.
    It is said that luck is “to be in the right place at the right time”.
    Well..we feel that this is the right time and right place.
    So the time has come to open the wagon door and let this Ferrari ride again!

    BLOOM 06:

    Bloom 06, just like Eiffel 65, is a project that we care about and in the future we will decide how it will eventually continue.
    All our individual projects and the album/tour for Eiffel 65 will inevitably block the Bloom 06 productions, but we consider this a necessary physiological pause that will help charge the batteries. It’s always a godsend to work on different productions for a musician.
    Please keep in mind that the Bloom 06 trip is and has been very important to us!
    It has given us the opportunity to have a blank page to write on, to breathe new sounds and try new production schemes, it led to important collaborations, created new artistic and music business webs and given fresh blood to our artistic path.
    Not to mentions “Crash Test 01”, “Crash Test 02”, “Club Test 01”, “Club Test 02” and all the singles, artwork, remixes, collaborations, concerts…in other words we are very proud of the work done with Bloom 06.
    It’s a well of satisfaction and self-esteem for us since that we created all this with our personal means.
    This boosts personal growth, it constantly breaks the walls around you and pushes the boundaries farther away every time.

    Forum and Web Site

    A Bloom 06 web re-styling was planned but we’ve come to the opening of the new Eiffel 65 site.
    To keep the road clear for the new Eiffel site and give the Bloom 06 site some air for eventual future productions we have decided to close down the site. Please write your messages on the official Facebook page and MySpace , where you can find all the official videos, photos etc etc.
    In the meanwhile we hope to see you on the new Eiffel 65 site and community where you can find all the links to the new official social pages.
    We will all be posting an opening statement on the blog site in these days.
    We understand that this switching names can be destabilizing for our fans but this is what we are.
    We’ve never been, and never wanted to be, a typical band with typical releases, typical artistic paths or that could in some way be considered typical…

    Normality is the end of curiosity…
    Without curiosity there’s no creativity..
    Without creativity there’s no music..

    We have always been producing music
    And we will always be!

    A big hug

    Maury e Jeffrey

    City 06 Community » Eiffel 65 (English Section) » Eiffel 65 » About Eiffel 65 (All you need to know about Eiffel 65 and Bloom 06 till now!)
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