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    Some Messege From Eiffel 65
    FATEHDate: Thursday, 2010-06-24, 11:28 AM | Message # 1
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    1. Jeffrey Jey

    When I was asked to write an opening message for the new Eiffel 65 trip the first thing that poped in my mind was….welcome aboard.

    That’s right…welcome aboard the new Eiffel 65 starship.

    A starship equipped with all the new means of communication and supported by a cast of old and new friends.

    A Starship where….

    We can write a new chapter of the story you all know and love;
    Where our old fans will meet our new ones;
    Where we can mix the vibes of pop and dance;
    Where jumping on a stage with some special friends is possible again…
    Where Eiffel 65 comes back to life.

    All of this with a blend of our past and present composing-production technics powered by an innovative collaboration system.

    Many are the questions to be answered and many are the things to be discovered so buckle your seat belts cause the ride is about to begin.

    2. Maury Lobina

    Eiffel 65 :

    Memories…places…faces…trips…gratification beyond any optimistic ambition… indescribable wonderful moments…pressure…emotions…dreams come true…years full to the top…full of everything!

    It’s impossible to forget… impossible not to be emotionally involved…

    at least that’s how it is for a person like me that, for years, has lived this experience as his only reason of life!

    When people ask me what I do for a living the answer is always the same:
    “I write music! I wake up every morning with one goal in mind: write a page of the history of music! Just a few minutes of evasion for the listener!

    A listener that will hopefully be the entire world wink
    When this happens I end up roaming the stages for a show.
    This is what I do…simple…nothing more nothing less”.
    It’s not a matter of popularity or money, nor politics or marketing and it surely is not something that will solve the worlds problems.

    It’s just music! but for me it is also the choice of a life time!

    I’ve been playing since I was 5, writing and producing as a pro since 18..I’ve gone through different nicknames, bands, artists, written for me and others and this is what I’ve always done and will always want to do. I don’t care much about the genre, record labels, names or prizes…I just want to write music that I like and surprises me and that ends up doing the same to lots of people.

    In these years we’ve all faced the need to take care of our personal lives and pursue our own artistic goals, and today things have inevitably changed…we have changed…We all now have our own artistic paths, ambitions, personal lives and projects up and going.

    One of these unites us and it’s called Eiffel 65!
    It seems that the world’s looking for a way to “Dance all night” again!

    Metaphorically speaking we’re the owners of a Ferrari that’s been parked in a garage for some time now…and I know…that it works fine and can still race any world championship race! Many have asked us to pull this wonderful vehicle out of the garage….

    Well…why wait any longer? it’s time to let the engine roar…
    The goal? have fun and write another page of the history of music wink
    that we and the world will enjoy and be stunned by!
    Nothing more…nothing less!

    A big hug
    Maury Lobina

    3. Gabry Ponte

    It was called Eiffel65, and it was just by chance. That’s how we got “a band” ...But if you entered BlissCo in those times…you would feel it immediately… it was not only about the three of us…it was a magic environnement of people making music ...everyone for himself and yet all playing together around E65…like an Orchestra.

    "There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn’t give a damn what goes on in between"
    Sir Thomas Beecham.


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