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Pandora ft.Bloom 06 - Kitchy Kitchy
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Bloom 06 - Club Test 01 (EP)

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 Produced By Maury Lobina
Remixed By Angelica Vilella

Eiffel 65 remixed a lot of songs by other artists. Because of the immense success of Eiffel 65, it is only natural thatmany other dance and pop acts have emerged with their sound (or have hired the group to remix their music).Eiffel 65 also worked on co-productions with Kim Lukas, Ana Bettz, Peach etc. and remixed their songs while BlisscoMedia produced the video clips at the same time
. Today we're posting all of them for ya. Enjoy! 

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 796 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-07-01

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 695 | Added By : MiA | Data : 2007-06-30

It's very simple in maintence and it was created special for old computers. It is compatible with almost every Windows versions , the interface is very simple (too much simple i'd better said) . Enjoy!

Eiffel 65 Player
Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 693 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 – Quelli Che Non Hanno Eta

The Sanremo 2003 song was the second best selling single of all artists who performed. A big success for Eiffel 65 and a big step forward for the dance fraction in Italy which earned massive sympathies.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 738 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 686 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

This is the first single taken from the third album "Eiffel 65" and was released in June 2002. A catchy synth and the "Now Is Forever" tune well known from "Europop" made this song to one of the best selling dance tracks in summer.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 712 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 - Special Edition

All in all this Eiffel 65's best album to date and I thought Contact was that...sure I can't understand the words to all the non translated songs...but doesn't it matter? Music is a universal language and this album only proves Eiffel's place in history as one of the best international groups from Italy. Thank you Maury, Jeffrey and Gabry for making the world a little better through your music. A fan for life!!!

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 671 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 – Viaggia Insieme A Me

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 728 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Viaggia insieme a me - great opening tune and something slow almost ballad like. A interesting different single.

Quelli che non hanno eta'
- Wow does this tune jam!!! Fast pounding music, must get the single of this!!! (9)

Una notte e forse mai piu'
- Another kinda slow ballad song (there are a lot on this album), very decent, great vocals

Tu credi - I ADORE this song...it just works for me..sure I don't understand it but I love it anyway..well I mean I do since this is one of the English songs on CD2

Voglia di dance all night - this sounds kinda like classic Eiffel, nice blend here

La mia lente - slower ballad song, great vocals, kinda heartfelt

Non e' per sempre - LOVE IT! Faster tempo,nice music,no great music, should have been a single...

Like a Rolling Stone - English title, mix of Italian and English, great music here...a wonderful experiment

Figli di Pitagora - it mentions Depeche Mode :-) Great music, great vocals, dancy hit, chorus in Italian, main bridges in English

Sopra un palco per tutto il mondo - faster kinda dancy almost 80s sounding piece. Works for me! I like it! Is that guitar I hear?

Oggi - kinda like reggae I think. Slower, not bad probably my least favorite track on the album. But still good

Cosa restera' (in a song) - lead single for the album, always gets compared to Back in Time. I love it, very Eiffel 65 sounding. However, this is kinda remixed...very dancy!

lo e la mia stanza
- strong ballad to end the album, if you don't think Jeffrey Jey has great vocals...listen to this! GREAT!


Слушая пластинку, можно заметить, что стиль-то немного сменился: меньше танцевальных ритмов оставляют пространство электро-попу «а-ля 80-е». Есть здесь вещицы даже романтические и ритмы рэгги.

Диск открывается новой “Viaggia insieme a me”, электронно-попсовой, очень музыкальной, даже, если хотите, душевной, некоммерческой, мало танцевальной, с «привкусом» 80-х и производящей очень сильное впечатление.

Романтичные ‘Una notte e forse mai più’ и “La mia lente” под аккомпанемент фортепиано, в компании с “Like a rolling stone”, волшебной в своей чистейшей атмосфере 80-х годов, с примесью электроники. Более агрессивна и танцевальна “Tu credi”. Также любопытна и “Voglia di dance all night”: красивое вступление и финал-трибьют в честь монстров музыки прошлого, таких как Bee Gees и Gimmy Somerville. “Non e’ per sempre” с сумасшедшим настроением, и “Oggi”, в которой заявляется в ироничном стиле электронного рэгги. 15 миллионов проданных дисков, по идее, прекрасная причина для пения! Жемчужина денса – это “Figli di Pitagora”, танцевальный ритм в стиле Gabry Ponte (не четвёртый ли это сингл?).

Диск очень приятный, отличается от предыдущих, даже немного шокирует. Ритмы затягивают плюс хорошая доза электроники и (почему бы и нет?) романтизма. Тексты, которые наконец-то доступны для понимания всем не владеющим английским, время от времени задевают слух тривиальными рифмами.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 572 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 - Episode II

The "Episode II" single came out in January 2001 and contains 4 tracks. The vinyl edition was released two weeks before with way more different remixes of "Back In Time" and "One Goal" and justifies every bit of the original Blisscorporation press: "It is a collectable present for every DJ and really enthusiastic Eiffel 65 fan"

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 730 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30


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