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Pandora ft.Bloom 06 - Kitchy Kitchy
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The "One Goal" single was only released in France and Belgium in summer 2000 and was used as a theme for the French nationals at the European Soccer Championship 2000. But the single didn't do that well with a highest chart entry at #37. Later the song found it's place again on the "Episode II" collection and the second album "Contact".

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 594 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 - 80’s Stars

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 781 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 - Losing You

A little treasure has been released in Canada March 2002. Only there you were able to purchase the now very rare vinyl edition of "Losing You" with 4 exclusive remixes. A single CD version was never published.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 681 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Eiffel 65 - Lucky(In My Life)

Lucky (In My Life)" was the first and only single from the "Contact" album that was released in many countries. It brings you a nice and happy summer feeling and definitely had a lot of potential. Too bad, it was not very successful (except for Austria and Italy) and disappeared too fast from the music world.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 669 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Без шуток настоящий гимн пиставки SONY PLAYSTATION от итальянской команды EIFFEL65. Всем любителям "Соньки" качать обязательно !

"My Console", the song from "Europop" and the "Episode I" collection, was released as a very rare vinyl and 4 track promo CD in Spain and Portugal back in summer 2000. It is almost impossible to purchase this E65 products today.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 727 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Эта песенка ,помнится, устроила не меньший фурор чем Move Your Body и Blue [Da Ba Dee]. Скачиваем два официальных ремикса !

The third single CD has been released in a few European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia) in March 2000 and was number #1 for 5 weeks in Italy. Due to the world tour of Eiffel 65 it was released in many other countries as well with different cover designs and remixes in summer and autumn 2000.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 673 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

Все, наверное, помнят эту песенку. В 1999-м году ее не слышал только ленивый.

The follow up single was also very successful. Popular in discotheques because of the catchy, pumping melody and lyrics but it was also a great chart breaker: Number #1 in 6 different countries, quickly pushed Eiffel 65's first album "Europop" into the Top #30 of the album charts. It's a perfect dance title and a "must buy" for every Italo Dance fan. The melody was originally composed by BlissCo. Roberto Molinaro and was inspired by Paul Kings "Love & Pride".

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 801 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-30

"Europop" is the first album of Eiffel 65 and the most successful to date. It sold in the first 10 weeks over 1 million
copies in stores. By October 2000, it had sold over 4 million copies worldwide. It was one of the best selling
albums of Christmas 1999 all over Europe and reached in many countries the album Top #30 sales charts.
Not to mention the great 4th position on the US billboard charts. It's surely a part of electronic pop history

Eiffel 65: Gianfranco Randone (vocals); Maurizio Lobina (keyboards); Gabry Ponte (DJ). "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" was nominated for the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The title of this debut says a lot, but not all, about the Italian dancy pop trio Eiffel 65. These boys have obviously listened to a lot of Yaz, early Depeche, and New Order. Lead singer Jeffrey Jey's voice, when it's not being run through a vocoder Roger Troutman-style, owes a lot to Simon LeBon. Moreover, the music is given the ultra-produced, pulsating beats-and-bleats treatment of all those faceless European dance outfits of the '90s. There's even a touch of that post-romantic soul a la Spandau Ballet or the Blow Monkeys. Eiffel 65 took over the Eurodance scene with the infectious single "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," an eminently likable tune around which this album is crafted. Eiffel 65 proves that it is capable of at least one more wicked hook with the sugary "Too Much of Heaven." The album's true find is the orchestral "Living in a Bubble," which balances the sing-song rap styles of oh, say 1992, with a captivating musical loop reminiscent of P.M. Dawn meets the Soup Dragons. EUROPOP is more than just that, an appealing debut by a group that joins artists such as Les Ryhthmes Digitales and Alex Gopher in mining the '80s for dance nuggets.

Eiffel 65. Для поклонников жанра танцевальной музыки это название скажет об очень многом. Именно эти ребята в буквальном смысле встряхнули весь мир в 1999-м году ,установив новую планку для танцевальной электронной музыки. В сущности альбом Europop - это гибрид техно, попа, данса, трип-хопа и хип-хопа, сведенные душевными текстами, которые сопровождаются новым звучанием. Здесь группа полность перечеркнула определение одностильной музыки. Оказывается нашумевший хит "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" может существовать не только в рамках ночной жизни. Так же, вошедшие в альбом, красивые и мелодичные треки "Now is Forever" и "Your Clown" заставляют тебя лечь и просто насладиться приятной музыкой. "Living In A Bubble" поражает своей богатой оркестровой ... и хип-хоповым звучанием, как и слова об успехе, вдохновленные сплоченной групповой философией, которую исповедует Bliss Corporation. Разошедшийся более чем 4 миллионным тиражем, Europop, стал самым настоящем новшеством в мировой Дэнс Поп культуре.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 666 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-29

Эту песню знают все ! В 1999-м вы ее слушали ни один десяток раз по телевидению и ОСОБЕННО на дискотеках. Такого никогда не было. Песня известна во всем мире абсолютно ВСЕМ!


This covers are taken from the mega successful superhit in 1999. With this song Eiffel 65 started to be in every TV shows and concerts all over the globe. Number #1 in 16 different countries, lots of gold and platinum records and many other uncountable prizes won Eiffel 65 with this awesome hit. In winter 1998, when the single was at first released, nothing happened. After five months of the release and thanks to the radio promotion, it became a summer hit in Italy and the rest of the world. From their on, it's history.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 641 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-29

Не ставя перед собой вселенских задач, Е65 осторожно соединили клубное звучание с традиционной танцевальной поп-музыкой. Это получилось у них легко и гармонично - стили не так уж далеки друг от друга, и сколько не обзывай диско рэйвом или джанглом, суть от этого не изменится. Свой дебютный сингл 'Lucky (in my life)' ребята смикшировали всего за пять часов, снова подтвердив старую истину - лучшие песни получаются легко. Первый сингл с альбома, хитовая композиция 'Lucky (in my life)', вышел в свет еще 13 август, а весь новый альбом EIFFEL65 'Contact!' поступил в продажу в сентябре.
В принципе 'Contact!' демонстрирует довольно широкий диапазон звучания современной электронной музыки: от хауса и андеграунда до техно и попа.

Сategory: Eiffel 65 | Views: 717 | Added By : Oggi | Data : 2007-06-29


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